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Welcome to the revolutionary new building product GirdaGrips

Traditionally fireboarding an RSJ has been a very slow and labour-intensive process requiring a skilled tradesperson, until now that is. Using GirdaGrips, fireboarding an RSJ can be achieved in as little as 15 mins by an average DIY’er, no specialist tools are required, just a screwdriver. Simply locate the longer top two tangs on top of the girder flange and pressing down the centre tang with your index finger slide under the flange. Job done, the RSJ is ready for fireboarding. GirdaGrips has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a 19mm tanalised slate batten, if you don’t want to go with the timberless option, making it the most versatile clip on the market.

0% Plastic, 100% Recyclable

CLICK HERE for GirdaGrips full feature video or watch the quick demo below

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